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Тамбовская область

Peasant children were taught how to read and write in Karian-Znamenskoye estate until the mid-XIX century. In 1866, the landowner and count P. Stroganov opened a school at his own expense which was later transformed into the parochial technical school. A special building was built for the school and there was no tuition fee – Count Stroganov handled all the financial issues himself. The school was designed to teach 100 students at a time.   

In terms of architecture, the school represents a one-story building of rectangular shape made of common brick with high plastered socle – a typical construction for the late XIX-early XX centuries. The building has typical oval elongated windows with a keystone and framed with white-stone platbands. The facade is decorated with simple profiled cornice. The cornices under the windows have a jagged pattern and continue into the horizontal bar. The main eastern facade is divided by the rusticated pilaster into two asymmetrical parts.

At present, the school building is occupied by the Church of the Sign of the Mother of God.

11, Sverdlov Square, Znamenka work settlement, Znamenka district, Tambov region
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