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Znamenka Park

The park is an old plantation of deciduous trees on more than 4.5 hectares of total area. The oldest trees go back to the XVIII century.

The park was first arranged in Karian-Zagryazhskoye estate, in the Zagryazhskies’ country seat. The park alleys were laid right across the forest that used to cover the left bank of the Tsna. The structure of the initial park layout created the landscape, inimitable by its beauty. The shady alley remained from the olden times winds in the lower part of the park. The thick crowns of the century-old oaks do not let the sun rays through even during the day time.  

The park has lived to these days in its initial configuration and size.

In early spring after the snow melts, the park is richly decorated by the mass blooming of bluebells and primroses. The fragrant aroma of the linden tree blossom fills the air in summer.

Parkovaya Str., Znamenka district, Tambov region
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