Occupying the North-East of Central Black Earth region, Tambov region offers convenient means of transport connecting it with Central Russia, the Volga region, as well as with the South and West of the country.
The main federal motorway P22 “Caspian” (Moscow – Tambov – Volgograd – Astrakhan) and other roads of federal level such as P193 connecting Voronezh and Tambov, P208 – Tambov and Penza, P119 – Tambov and Orel, “Gryazinskoye road” – P203 passing through the territories of Lipetsk, Gryazinsky district of Lipetsk region as well as Petrovka district of Tambov region traverse its territory.
Tourists are welcomed at the local railway station, “Tambov” and Northern bus stations, as well as Donskoye airport.


Donskoye airport 

Donskoye village, Tambov district, Tambov region

+7 (4752) 56-72-04, 56-68-36


It has been almost a century since Tambov is connected with aviation. The first plane was purchased in 1923 to fight against forest fires. Tambov flying school training pilots and technicians for civil air fleet was opened in 1930. The present-day building of the airport was constructed in the 70s of the last century.
Today the airport is ready to receive guests from Moscow, St. Petersburg and during the summer time – from Sochi and Simferopol.


Tambov railway station

1, Privikzalnaya Square, Tambov, Tambov region 

+7 (4752) 70-23-59

The first in Tambov railway branch was built in 1866. The building of the railway station of Tambov-Saratov and Kozlov railways was constructed in 1869. Since then, the station has been receiving hundreds of travelers including celebrities like S.V. Rakhmaninov, imperial family, V.I. Agapkin who was a conductor by the car workshops.
At present, Tambov is passed by trains on their ways for Moscow, Saratov, Makhachkala, Adler, Alma-Aty, Anapa, Astrkhan, St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Novosibirsk and other cities.


Northern bus station

46, Michurinskaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region

+7 (4752) 53-50-03


“Tambov” bus station 

77, Kikvidze Str., Tambov, Tambov region 

+7 (4752) 73-48-32



Travelers arriving to Michurinsk are welcomed by Michurinsk-Voronezh, Michurinsk-Uralsky railway stations and “Michurinsk” bus station. 

Michurinsk-Voronezh railway station 

33-34, Kirsanovskaya Str., Michurinsk, Tambov region 

+7 (47545) 3-60-50, 7-56-02


Michurinsk-Uralsky railway station 

1, Provokzalnaya Square, Michurinsk, Tambov region 

+7 (47545) 3-22-99


“Michurinsk” bus station

12, Lipetsk road, Michurinsk, Tambov region 

+7 (475 45) 5-15-95