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Тамбовская область
Znamenka District Museum of Local History

The museum is found in the former manor house once owned by P.S. Stroganov in Karian-Znamenskoye estate. The country estate was built in a scenic area where the Kariana river joined the Tsna. The building is a cultural and historical building designed in classic style in the 50s of the XIX century. The count’s house boasts its unique acoustics that is still a secret no one has discovered. A.S. Pushkin’s wife, Natalya Goncharova, was born and had spent her first year of life right here, in the Zagryazhsky-Stroganovs’ country seat.

Any museum-goer will enjoy three exhibition halls telling about the archeology and history of Znamenka district since XII to XX centuries.  The museum collection includes over 13 000 items. The largest museum expositions are the numismatic and ethnographic ones, as well as the exhibitions of visual, decorative and applied arts. Many of the museum exhibits are unique.    

The collection of paintings and graphics arts pieces consist of the works by Tambov and Znamenka artists who donated them to the museum. Among those works of art are the paintings by A.I. Levshin, B.V. Tkachyov, A. Manyakhin, V. Sizov, M. Ippolitov, etc. 

Quite outstanding is the collection of lithographic works collected in V. Timm’s album of the middle of the XIX century, as well as the album The Artistic Leaflet of the Academy of Arts dating to the middle of the XIX century.

The numismatic collection consists of coins, awards, decorations, anniversary badges, and banknotes. Here you will see the coins of the times of Catherine II, Nicholas I, the coins of RSFSR, USSR, Russian Federation, and foreign countries. As a bonus, you can also have a look at various orders and medals, decorations, vouchers, cheque and savings books and what not.

The pieces of the ethnographic collection are displayed in the form of wood, fabric, and leather items that prove the impressive background of the local people. This collection gives an idea of the culture and everyday life of the locals.

Curious are the collections of photographs and photo negatives representing complete works by photographers since the XIX century to the present day.

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