The White Sand beach

Tulinovka village, Tambov district, Tambov region

“The White Sand” beach is located in Tulinovka village, 30 km away from Tambov. The beach by the bank of the artificial pond near the Moshlyayka River was called so for its light and fine sand, contrast with the green colors of the trees surrounding the pond. 

The beach is not well-equipped but it is still very popular among the locals and Tambov citizens who come to Tulinovka to enjoy the pure water and scenic views.  

Near the beach there is a building that used to house the domestic church of the Divine Wisdom under Tulinovka Dormition convent of St. Sophia.  

In the center of the wider part of the pond there is an island called by locals “The Barrow” or “The Green Noise”. It is called “The Barrow” because it was man-made and “The Green Noise” because elm trees were planted there while alder trees grew by the bank of the pond. The island is joined to the dam by a long bridge. The maximal depth of the pond in the area of the island and dam is no more than 6 m.