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Тамбовская область
Nikiforovka district museum of local history

The district museum of local history was founded in 1967. The main exposition of the museum includes stands and displays devoted to the history of Nikiforovka district. The main exhibit is a model of the sugar mill functioning in the district. The permanent exposition displays the prerevolutionary past of the district, troubled times of the revolution, the Civil War of 1917-1922, the development of education, medicine and culture during the Soviet times.    

The museum had been functioning until its closure in 1990. Many exhibits, stands, photographs and awards of the distict natives vanished. The museum was abandoned.      

September, 12, 2008 was the day when the district museum opned its doors again. The first visitors had a chance to enjoy two exhibitions: “From the beginning to the present day” and “Tambov traditional costume”. The collections included the period pieces, documents, photographs picturing the important events of the past of the district and its natives.    

These exhibitions are now a part of the permanent museum exposition that is enlarging every year. The staff of the museum say that Nikiforovsky museum is kind of a time-traveling. The exhibitions and expositions organized there have “historical depth“ and translate the spirit of those times. The museum treats every object with great care: family antiquities, photograps, documents, personal things that can tell a story about the district past.

1, Tsentralnaya Str., Dmitriyevka, Nikiforovka district, Tambov region
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