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St. Nicholas church in Mashkovo-Surena

The winter stone one-altar St. Nicholas church was built with the funds of the parishioners in 1903 in old Mashkovo-Surena village. The church ended up small but cozy. The church dome is resting on four massive arched columns. Due to the side porticos the church has a shape of a cross. After the church was closed in the 1930s, local communists tried their best to destroy it. Atheists drew black lines on the walls imitating the cracks in the masonwork and took photos of it. The photos together with the requests to demolish the church were sent to the local authorities. However, St. Nicholas didn’t let the church be destroyed. Having arrived to the village, the party committee exposed the act of forgery and rejected the request to demolish the church. Nevertheless, St. Nicholas church was turned into a collective farm granary. During that time the church came into a dilapidated state. A few years ago the church was returned to the believers and the parish revived. The reconstruction works have been started. The unique iconographic wall paintings done by the craftsmen of the icon-painting workshop in Akhtyrka convent of the Mother of God have remained in quite satisfactory state inside of the church.

Sovetskaya Str., Mashkovo-Surena village, Nikiforovka village, Tambov region
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