The Monument to Sergeyev-Tsensky

The writer’s life was inseparably linked with Tambov. Here he spent his childhood and adolescence. Young Sergeyev, impressed by the beauty of Tambov nature, added another pen name to his surname – Tsensky from the name of the Tsna river. Tambov landscapes became a permanent source of inspiration for Sergeyev-Tsensky.     

Sergeyev-Tsensky made a remarkable input in Russian literature as a prosaist, poet, playwright, academician. He is an author of numerous novels, historical essays, collections of poems, various stories, tales, plays and fables. His most famous works are “Sevastopol Harvest” and “Transfiguration”. Sergeyev-Tsensky’s writing talent was highly-appreciated by his contemproraries.      

The monument to Sergey Sergeyev-Tsensky was erected in 1975. It was made of gray granite by a married couple of sculptors T.G. Veltsen and S.E. Lebedev according to architect A.S. Kulikov’s project. The monusment was installed on a high riverbank with picturesque Tsna beauty at the background that the writer admired so much in his works. The writer’s name has also been immortalized in the name of one of Tambov streets.

Naberezhnaya Str., Tambov
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