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The monument to E.A. Boratynsky

Evgeny Boratynsky was born in the Boratynskys‘ family estate – Mara. Boratynsky failed to gain much recognition among his contemproraries. It can be explained by his creative work overshadowed by Pushkin’s talent. Deeper reexamination of his oeuvre happened much later – in the 20th century. Today, Evgeny Boratynsky has a prominent position among Russian poets-romanticists.

The author of the monuument was sculptor Malofeyev working according to architect Kulikov’s project. It is representded by the bronze bust of the poet on a high pedestal made of black granite. The location is quite symbolic. Not far from this place, in modern Michurinskaya Street there used to be the mansion belonging to the poet’s brother Sergey Boratynsky. It has been proved that the poet used to stay at his brother’s during his numerous visits to Tambov. 

It is an interesting fact that initially the poet’s surname was spelled as “Boratynsky”. The surname spelling with an “a” in it became more popular later. Nowadays, both variants of the spelling are accepted.

The intersection of Karl Marx, Michurinskaya and Penzenskaya Streets
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