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Vernadsky Estate Museum

A visit to Vernadsky Estate Museum is a fantastic opportunity to discover about the life and heritage of one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century.

Vladimir Vernadsky’s estate was located in Vernadovka village in Pichaevo region. Vladimir Ivanovich inherited it from his father, the famous publicist and economist. The center of the estate was the house 10*15 meters in size designed by the scientist himself. The house used to have 6 rooms but it burnt down in 1980s.

The founder of biosphere and noosphere theories as well as of a number of other new doctrines in natural sciences, prominent public figure and thinker, Vernadsky used to visit his estate regularly.

The architectural complex of the estate included a carriage house, threshing barn and machine, banya, hen coop, stable with 14 horses and servants’ room. In 1893, a few more buildings joined the existing ones: a caretaker’s house, two spacious barns to store the harvest and agricultural tools. Near his estate Vernadsky constructed a system of ponds. They are preserved in their original appearance until now. But the main attraction of the Vernaskys’ estate was the park with rare trees, mainly Siberian larches. According to Vernadsky’s plan, the shadows cast by the larches were supposed to protect the workers from the heat. Some of those forest giants remained whole up to the present day. The path leading to the summer houses on the bank of the pond were planted round with barberries. The special feature of the park landscape is the alleys of pyramidal poplars and lindens.

Busy with politics and research, Vernadsky started paying less attention to his estate. In 1911, he warranted the rights for the estate management to his son Georgy. In 1917 Georgy applied to the executive committee of the township council of Vernadovka station offering the estate to be owned by the village council free of charge but on a condition that they would organize an agricultural school there. However, the revolution changed his plans and broke V.Vernadsky’s dream. Last time he saw Vernadocka station was in 1943 when he was returning from Kazakhstan where he had been staying in evacuation.

The estate and its famous inhabitants were forgotten for many years. However, in 2005 Vernadsky House Museum opened its doors for the visitors. The main exhibits are the books written by the scientist. The noosphere center was organized in the other half of the house. The center develops various programs of ecological education for the students studying environmental protection.

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