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The Museum of the Sin

Tambov has an analog of the famous Cabinet of Curiosities – the Museum of the Sin – a collection of medical pathologies accumulated by the patologist of the municipal hospital named after Archbishop Luke, Yury Shchukin. The title of the collection is intentional – Shchukin has been picking the most vivid examples of the results of people’s vices – alcoholism, drug addition, smoking etc.   

Years of work in morgue gave the pathologist an idea to present all the consecuences of each extra cigarette or a shot of alcohol visually. The collection is targeted at not only medical specialists but at the great masses of population as well.

The exposition of the museum consists of three structural sections. The main section with various “preparations“, extensive library on medicine including rare and old editions and memorial exhibition devoted to an outstanding medical specialist, surgeon, Tambov Archbishop Luke.   

The motto of the museum is: “The dead teach the alive here”. Indeed, there is something to learn. Each exhibit in the museum is an object of lesson and has its own unique story. One of the most popular ones is a piece of human skin of the inguinal area with an image of Mother of God tattooed on it. The outcome is simple – lingering disease and amputation.

A visit to the museum is free of charge by prior arrangement.  

93, Sovetskaya Str., Tambov
+7 (4752) 72-35-55, 72-33-34
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