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The cities and villages The cities and villages The composition of the Tambov region includes 6 cities: Tambov, Michurinsk, Kirsanov, Morshansk, Uvarov, Rasskazovo, Kotovsk and 23 municipal districts. Each has its own history, legends and landmarks.
This section contains photos from all over the Tambov - interesting places, architecture, landscapes, photos of the regional center, cozy small towns and small villages.
Flora and fauna of Tambov Flora and fauna of Tambov It is difficult to find a place more suitable for the enjoyment of Russian nature, than the Tambov region. This is not only beautiful scenery, background, creating a mood of a tourist - nature itself - a tourist destination. It is in our area have met and connected nature of the northern forests and nature of the steppes.
Столь богатая история края, зональная разнородность природных территорий обуславливают значительное обилие и разнообразие животного мира.
Рассказ о живописной природе Тамбовщины можно продолжать бесконечно, но лучше приехать и воочию убедиться в том, что никого наш край не оставит равнодушным!
Interesting nearby Interesting nearby Tambov region has a long history and glorious spiritual tradition, known as the birthplace or place of many famous people in Russia: writers, artists, musicians, artists and culture.
Orthodox shrines pilgrims interested in the land of Tambov - Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, Kazan male and female monasteries Ascension of Tambov, Ilyinsky church and cathedral city Bogolyubskii Michurinsk etc.
We will be happy if you are visiting our region, will love it as much as they love their region tambovchane.
Photo exhibition of Valery Kolyhalov. Photo exhibition of Valery Kolyhalov. Valery Kolykhalov was born in 1938 in Tambov.
Photo of Valery was carried away in 28 years.
Every artist strives for perfection of form and color ... Valery found a harmony in nature. "I always wanted to shoot landscapes," - he said. And the shot. First - in his spare time, weekends, and after retirement - completely surrendering to the perfection of nature. "For me, it is important to find a picturesque, where it saw no other" - he said. Play of colors in the foliage of a tree, by which every day go to the crowd, a sudden gleam of waters near the popular Eldorado Tsny ...
Wonderful surprise in the ordinary - is not the main miracle, affordable artist?
Photo exhibition of Andrei Shcherbakov Photo exhibition of Andrei Shcherbakov Andrei Shcherbakov, was born in 1979 in Tambov.
His first photographs made ​​in 13 years. The love of photography he instilled his grandfather Georgy Popov Native and patriot of the city of Tambov.
After b / w photos transferred to Kodak color. The first simple digital camera purchased in 2007 and the mirror unit was used from 2010
Here is what Andrew himself about his hobby:
"I enjoy photography, process photography, further editing, and especially when my photo like not only to myself but to other people. Photo must be special, interesting, that a stranger wanted to detain him for his opinion, and devoted his attention . This is the main task of the photographer, not only to convey what he sees, and what not to overlook the surrounding, and a shot of really interesting for other people. "
Tambov in the faces Tambov in the faces Today's Tambov region - is industrial-agrarian region with a long history and high culture. This song territory, inhabited by hard-working, hospitable and generous people.
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