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History of Tambov. 17s century

Russian fortress with Mordovian name

In spring of 1636 year  because of R.F. Romanov king's decree Tambov fortress was founded and  laid on the left bank of the river Zna. Fortress unite state's defensive lines, under the protection of which "Wild Field"  (land to the south of the river Oka) was cultivated.

Settlers, who came to build new fortress, were named Svedenzi. In their first overnight stay there, they  had a fight with Tatars, Tatars killed 60 people at that night.

Since this moment, during 100 years Tambov had been functioning as defensive stronghold. Tambov is the one European city, which withstanded 86 long sieges and wasn't  conquered.


Tatar rampart building in  30s

Foundation of hermitage on Nokolskaya glade ( now  it is named Mamontova rampart) in 1629

Consectation of Voznesenskiy Convent in 1690

Consectation of Spaso-Preobragenskiy cathedral in 1694

History of Tambov. 18s century

Town of ploughmen and merchant class

In 18s century Tambov became a center of big agricultural area. The best period in 18s century for Tambov were two years of region ruling by G.R. Dergavin ( famous Russian poet and statesman). In 1796 Tambov became a capital of Tambov Region.


Consecration of Pokrovskiy cathedral in 1763 year.

Assertion of arms' coat in 1781

Opening of permanent theatre in 1786

Region ruling by Derhavin since 1786 to 1788 years

Consecration of Kazanskiy monastery in 1796

History of Tambov. 19s century

The industrial age

Railways through Tambov became a real spring of renewal in 1869 year. It caused appearing metalworking business in Tambov. Cultural life lived up too. Theatres, parks and public gardens, public library were built by the end of the century. New Hotels and restaurants were opened.


Consecration of Sviyto-Troizkogo cathedral in 1857

 V.M. Seleznev house's building ( now it is registry office) in 50s years.

local history museum making in 1879

Torgovie Ryadi building ( the monument of architecture) in 1886

Building of noble assembly ( now it is theatre's building) in 1897

History of Tambov. 20s century

Age of Changes

Soviet power came in Tambov in 1918 year. Then in 1920 Popular uprising , famous as Antonovshina ) happened. It was suppress by army and chemical weapons in 1921. Tambov region underwent several changes, borders were changed. And In 1936 borders became look like now. During World War thousands of Tambov dwellers fought on fronts. Rear services and base hospitals were started up there. Tambov did everything for your win.


Opening of first cinemas in Tambov in 1910

Opening of  fruit and vegetable university named after I.V.Michurin in Kozlov ( now it is Michurinsk) in 1931

 Monument opening of Soviet's herou Zoya Kasmedemyanskaya in 1947

Opening of  Tambov Regional art gallery in 1961

Opening of Vechnaya Slava monument

Opening of S.V.Rahmaninov  house-museum and statue in 1982

Opening of Chicherina house-museum in 1987

Opening of G.R. Dergavin statue in 1994


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