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The history of the Tambov region is the history of Dikoe Pole development, the history of battles and a peaceful agriculture, the history of the provincial center and cultural achievements, the history of the city which managed to preserve cultural and historical memory, the unique nature and, thus, to look ahead.


History of Tambov, the 17th century

The Russian fortress with the Mordopvian name

In the spring of 1636 under the tsar M. F. Romanov edict the fortress Tonbov was put on the left river bank of Tsna. It connects the defensive lines of the state under which protection Dikoe Pole the lands to the South from Oka were accustomed. Hundred years Tambov functioned as the defensive fortress. It became the only European city which sustained 86 long sieges which wasn't taken.


• Construction of the Tatarskiy Val - the 30th of 17 century.

• Foundation of the Nikolsky glade desert (nowadays Mamontova hermitage) - 1629.

• Illumination Voznesensky's convent of Tambov- 1690.

• Illumination of Spaso-Transfiguration Cathedral – 1694

History of Tambov, the 18th century

The city of grain-growers and merchants

In the 18th century Tambov becomes the center of the big agricultural area. Two years when Tambov region was ruled by the nice Russian poet and the statesman G.R. Derzhavin is undoubtedly, the most remarkable period at this time. In 1796 Tambov becomes the official center of the Tambov province.


• Illumination of Pokrovsky Cathedral - 1763.

• The statement of Tambov municipal coat of arms - 1781.

• Opening of constant drama theater in Tambov - 1786.

• Rulling of G.R. Derzhavina in Tambov - 1786-1788.

• Lighting of the Kazansky man's Monastery - 1796.

History of Tambov, the 19th century

The Industrial Century

The railroad which passed in 1869 through Tambov became the real source of updating. It developed the trade, led to the emergence in the city of the metalworking enterprises. Also cultural life of the city had quickened: to the end of the century in the city there were squares, parks, theater, public library and a hippodrome, hotels, restaurants, pleasure institutions opened.


• Illumination of Holy Trinity Cathedral - 1857.

• Construction of the house of V. M. Seleznyov (nowadays Wedding palace) - the middle of 19 century (a monument history and architecture)

• Creation of regional museum of local lore - 1879.

• Construction of Trade rows - 1886 (the architecture monument)

• Construction of the Nobility assemly building  (nowadays the building of the Tambov drama andltheaters) - 1897 / a monument history and architecture)

History of Tambov, the 20th century

The Century of changes

The Soviet power in the Tambov province was established in 1918. And in 1920-1921 the well-known Tambov revolt known just as Antonovshchina thundered. The first use of the chemical weapon by the power against own insurgent people is entered in a tragic story of those years.

 After that the events were developed not so roughly, as all opver the country. The Tambov region underwent some administrative reformation, the borders were changed. Only by 1939 borders of area took a modern form.

In the Great Patriotic War thousands of Tambov inhabitants battled on fronts. The hospitals and rear services were developed in the city. The population worked for a victory over the enemy.


• Opening of the first movie theaters in Tambov - 1910.

• Opening  of fruit and vegetable institute of I. V. Michurin (nowadays Michurinsk is the agricultural university) in Kozlov - 1931.

• Opening of the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya - 1947.

• Opening of the Tambov regional art gallery - 1961.

• Opening of a monument Eternal glory - 1970.

• Opening of the S. V. Rachmaninov House museum  and the monument to the composer in the village of Rakhmaninovka - 1982.

• Opening of the House museum of Chicherin - 1987.

• Opening of the monument to G.R. Derzhavin 

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