Umet district is situated to the East from Tambov region in the forest-steppe belt. The district was formed in 1935 by separation from the territory of Kirsanov district  as an independent administrative area of Voronezh region. After Tambov region was formed in 1937, Umet district joined its structure.

From the moment of its formation in 1935 until 1961, the center of Umet district was Gradsky Umet village. Soon the district center was transferred to Umet settlement that is still the administrative center to this day.   

Umet lands have connections with the names of many outstanding people one of them being a great poet, A.S. Pushkin’s contemporary and friend, Evgeny Boratynsky.

12, Mir Str., Umet work settlement, Umet district, Tambov region
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