Rzhaksa district was formed in 1928. It included six volosts from Kirsanov and Tambov uyezds, as well as parts of the populated areas of Uvarovo volost and Borisoglebsk uyezd.  The district center is Rzhaksa work settlement. Back in the day, the lands in the south-eastern part of Tambov region, occupied by the district now, were called Dikoye polye (Wild Field).    

The district relief is quite interesting too. It is a sinuous plain jagged by ravines, brooks and rivers with the Vorona river being the largest water body. There are almost no forests in the area. They occupy only 5% of the territory. The banks and slopes of the Savala and Sukhaya Rzhaksa rivers are mostly covered with forests.   

The meadow sceneries in Rzhaksa are lovely! In the river flood plains, gullies, forest borders and glades there is bluegrass, meadow and mountain clover and other examples of forb-grass meadows growing.

Tourists are especially interested in Chakino agricultural technical school building and the park stretched in the neighborhood.

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