Rasskazovo district is located in the center of Tambov region.

The first settlers appeared here in the 17th century. The local lands were granted to boyars, smallholders and persons of service class for their loyal service to the sovereign. By the beginning of the 17th century the left bank of the Lesnoy Tambov river had belonged to dozens of landowners. But life began much earlier in these lands. Thus, spines of the ichthyosaurus and remains of the ancient pangolins were found in the sands of the Cenomanian age in Nikolsky village. One of the first inhabitants of Rasskazovo lands during the Ice Age was the mammoth.          

Robbery had been developing especially actively in Tambov land from the middle of the 18th to the 19th centuries. Gangs had been at work and hiding on the territory of modern Rasskazovo district. The name of Bezdushny Kust (= Soulless Bush) tract is believed to be associated with this criminal business. The legend has it that this area was run by Kudeyar’s gang. Gang leader Kudeyar would rob the landlords and give out the stolen property to peasants. According to the legend, Kudeyar got engaged into his criminal business after one cruel landowner had killed Kuderyar’s fiancée. The gangster buried her in Bezdushny Kust under the strong oak tree. Next to it he hid his treasure that haunts many treasure hunters even nowadays.       

Travelers’ attention will be drawn to S.N. Sergeyev-Tsensky museum, amazing ruins of Akhtyrka church and the church in Preobrazhenye village. 

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