Pristan cafe
Pristan cafe

The magnificent view of the river, peaceful atmosphere, a cozy panoramic terrace, combined with drinks and dishes from the young team of chefs, peace of mind - all this will help you to forget about the bustle of the city.

Here any type of pastime is possible: from a quiet conversation in a small company to a wild dance show all night.

The food here is a mix of the Mediterranean cuisine and with a masterful interpretation and Russian touch. Though the wine list is relatively small, all the wines have been thoroughly selected to go with any dish from the menu.

By the way, the location of Pristan Café is unique in its own way. At the beginning of the twentieth century, well-known breeder I. V. Michurin was conducting research on the opposite bank of the river. Obviously, back then there was no bridge over the river. To organize the river crossing, Ivan Michurin hired a boatman, Arkady by name, who used to deliver Michurin and his numerous guests to the other side of the river and back.

Cuisine of the venue
  • European
  • Russian
  • Movie screening
  • Club parties
  • Dance floor
  • Terrace
  • Booking
1 A, Naberezhnaya Str., Michurinsk
+7 (47545) 3-77-73

Mon-Sun: 10:00 - 24:00