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Тамбовская область

Tambov region is forever associated with the names of many renowned noble families. The Vorontsovs, the Boratynskies, the Rakhmaninovs, the Chicherins, the Verstovskies, the Golitsyns, the Stroganovs and others acquired “the right of permanent residence” in Russian artistic culture. Having settled down in Tambov land for a long period of time, the owners of the country estates brought along some features of the big city lifestyle. They created libraries, collected paintings, organized serf theatre troupes, orchestras and church choirs, hosted music evenings. The famous families invited talented architects, artists, musicians, precents to their houses. They looked for the talented and gifted among their servants.     

“The Russian Country Estates” route is a chance to witness the remaining historical and cultural heritage of Tambov nobility as well as their spiritual traditions, architecture, sculpture ornamentation, cultural constructions and park complexes.

The route suggests visiting the country estates and mansions in Tambov, Michurinsk and Uvarovo district in Tambov region. Traveling by this route is a unique opportunity to feel inspired by the atmosphere of a country estate and the life of the past two centuries that used to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the renowned owners and their visiting guests.

Day 1. Tambov
Day 2. Tambov – Ivanovka - Tambov
Day 3. Tambov - Michurinsk - Tambov