Chelnovaya fishery and sports camp
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Chelnovaya fishery and sports camp offers quality leisure in the most beautiful place not far from Tambov. The camp is located at the 441st km of Moscow-Tambov route, at the bank of the Chelnavsky reservoir.

There is a well-equipped sandy beach at the bank of the reservoir with sunshades and lounges. The diving tower and boating station are not far from the beach. The camp also offers water skis, boats, quadrunners and banana rides.

The lovers of active pastimes will enjoy horse riding. A trained instructor will give you lessons of horse riding. Experienced riders will have a chance to have an individual horse ride around the territory of the camp and to enjoy the beauty of the nature, the atmosphere of pure air. In winter you can have a carriage-and-three ride.

Fishermen will appreciate the fishing experience at the camp. The fishing at the special pier is a real fun. The haul will always be great as there are special fishery spots on the territory of the camp.

It is interesting to spend your time playing billiards in a spacious billiard hall. The bathing and health-improving complex welcomes the ones willing to take a steam bath and relax after an active day or a work week. The spacious Russian bath, shower, swimming pool, individual lounge rooms and a large family guest hall with a TV and a table for any kind of company.

There are several tourist routs starting from the camp. Thewalking and bicycle routs to the apiary are among the most popular ones.

Entertainment available at the hotel
  • Summer terrace / Barbecue
  • Billiards
  • Playground
  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Beach
  • Fishing
441st km of Moscow-Tambov route, Tambov district, Tambov region
+7 (920) 473-07-07