Pichayevo district was founded in 1928 although people started inhabiting this area much earlier. At first it was populated by Mordvinian tribes and Turkic nomads. Russian settlements appeared only at the turn of the 17th century when such villages as Bailovka, Bolshoy Sheremetyevo, Bolshoy Lomovis, Volkhonshchina, Pichayevo and Rudovka were formed. Pichayevo is an agricultural land but about 20% of the area is covered with forests rich in mushrooms and berries. 

Amazing Bailovsky park is found in the district. It stretches along the bank of the Kashma river and has been created by way of reconstruction of the natural oak forest. Pine tree alley in this park is more than 150 years old! By the sides, there are 300-year-old oaks, tender lindens, maples and elms. The park is beautiful in any season but it is especially striking during the blossom time and leaf fall. A one-of-a-kind attraction is located right here in the park – Bailovsky Blue Stone.      

A place of special interest is church of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity. It was built with special care. Construction workers placed sheep wool beneath the foundation and the cement mortar was mixed with eggs.   

Great Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky’s country estate was located in Vernadovka village. Today, the newly-built manor houses V.I. Vernadsky House Museum.

Lovely scenery, wonderful people, cultural and historical valuables – Pichayevo has all of it!

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