Nikiforovsky district was first mentioned as a part of Voronezh province in 1934. But as Tambov province was formed in 1937, the district was included into the new province. The district was abolished, its territory was shared between the neighboring provinces but then it reappeared in the map of Tambov. The present-day borders of Nikiforovsky district have remained the same since the 70s of the last century. The center of Nikiforovka district is Dmitriyevka work settlement.    

Catherine’s dendrologic park is a unique monument of nature stretching over 25 hectares on the district territory. It was founded in the 19th century by landlord A.A. Ushakov. The museum of local history is also one of the interesting tourist attractions.

1, Lenin Square, Dmitriyevka work settlement, Nikiforovsky district, Tambov region
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