Michurinsk district is situated in the suburban area of Michurinsk (formerly Kozlov). The predecessor of Michurinsk district – Kozlov district – was formed right after the foundation of Kozlov town in 1635. By Peter I’s decree of 1708 Kozlov uyezd was assigned to Azov province that Tambov province was separated from later. In 1935, Azov province was renamed into Voronezh one. After Tambov governorship was formed in 1779, Kozlov uyezd was included into its structure. And, in 1776, Tambov governorship changed its title and turned into Tambov province.  

A few people know, but in the 17th century Kozlov vicinity was the location of dockyards where watercrafts were built for the arising Russian fleet. The monument in Staroye Tarbeyevo village was installed on the day of the 300th anniversary of Russian fleet in honor of this historical fact.        

The names of numerous outstanding scientists, writers and painters are associated with Michurinsk district. Museum of local history and literature named after I.G. Rakhmaninov, the famous Russian editor, enlightener and translator, is situated in Staraya Kazinka village. I.G. Rakhmaninov opened the first private printing house where Voltaire’s and other authors’ works were printed.  


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