Skiing stadium

Druzhba Park, Tambov
+7 (980) 670 38 38

The skiing stadium is the largest center of skiing and healthy recreation in Tambov region. The park includes:

-       administration building of the skiing area where ski, bicycle, roller-skate rentals are availble, as well as a gym, a cloakroom and shower cabins;

-       lighted skiing and roller-skating tracks of 1.5 km, 3 km and 5 km long;

-       track-and-field lane;

-       beach volleyball and football pitches;

-       tennis court;

-       gymnastic area.

To the joy of citizens and tourists the stadium is availible all year-round: in winter – for the skiers, in summer – for the cyclists, track-and-field athletes, skaters, tennis and volleyball players. The skiing stadium welcomes all the citizens who lead a healthy and active lifestyles. The visitors have a chance to play beach volleyball, mini-football and tennis, to ski, roller-skate or ride a bicycle.

The capacity of stream of the skiing stadium in Druzhba Park is 5 000 people a day.

Various large-scale sport events are held at the stadium: “Russian Ski Track”, “Cross-country Race of Nations“, “Street sport” town festival, etc.