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Classical school for girls

The corner building at the intersection  of present-day Sovetskaya and Internatsionalnaya Streets is a complex of buildings that included an orphanage, a classical school for girls, offices and other institutions at the end of the 19th century. 

The building is built in a classical style with four pilasters on the eastern side and six ones on te northern side. The windows of the first floor have light and simple frames while all the windows of the facade have slightly noticeable circular completions. The design displays the uniform principles of town planning typical for Russia of 150-200 years ago.  

At the beginning of the 19th century the mansion belonged to noblewoman Elena Andreyevskaya. Russian poet Vasily Zhukovsky paid a visit to Andreyevskaya’s house in 1837. He knew her husband, the general and the hero of Patriotic war of 1812, very well.  

In the middle of the 19th century Andreyevskaya’s mansion was purchased by retired engineer-captain Sergey Lion. In 1849 he donated the whole building to Tambov classical school. A boarding school for noblemen’s children was opened here in a few years. Lion himself became the administrator of the school. The boarding school was replaced by the first-order school for girls under the administrator’s consent in 1866. The provincial classical school for girls was opened based on this school. It was a high education institution with a 7-year course for girls of any class. Completion of an additional 8th grade allowed the graduates to work as teachers.     

Within the first years of the 20th century the building was expanded with the help of several additional buildings. Before the World War I the classical school already had an assembly hall and a gym, a library, Physics lab and a few other classrooms. 

The ministerial school for girls is associated with the name of a writer and a doctor, Valentina Dmitriyeva (1859-1948) who graduated from it in 1877. Outstanding teacher and methodologist Ivan Alexandrov had been teaching Maths here from 1883 to 1906. 

Low ranks of cavalry units were housed in this building in 1914. Various educational institutions were located here after the revolution – soil-reclamation college, teacher-training college and the director department of Tambov branch of Moscow state institute of culture (in the end of he 1960s). Today you will find here Tambov regional institute of advanced training in Education, a registry office and other offices. 

108, Sovetskaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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