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Тамбовская область
Доступная среда
The railway station

The first railway in Tambov region was laid in 1866. It started from Ryazan and extended to Kozlov and then to the South – to Voronezh. In April, 1868, Emperor Alexander II ordered to build a 74 verst railroad from Kozlov to Tambov.

Tambov station was planned to be built in the western part of the town on the upland. Trade storehouses, shops and barns had been located there before. In 1869, an impressive-looking building of Tambov-Saratov and Kozlov railways was erected here. The running shed, rotatable base and maintenance facility started being constructed just a hundred meters away from it. The first train that arrived to Tambov station from Kozlov on December, 2nd, 1869 was met by the citizens with fear and curiosity.          

The railway station is remarkable in the fact that starting from 1890 to October 1917, Moscow-Tambov-Ivanovka railroad was S.V. Rakhmaninov’s traveling route. Reorganization of Kamyshynsky train, used by Rakhmaninov, took several hours. The train arrived at 9 AM and, possibly, the musician had breakfast in the station restaurant or had a stroll along Dvoryanskaya (Internatsionalnaya) Street or Privokzalnaya Ploshchad.       

At the beginning of the 20th century, the car repair shop was the place where V.I. Agapkin was engaged in his conducting activity in the society of useful hobbies. Today, every morning and evening the recorded sounds of orchestra playing “The Slavic Woman’s Farewell” (the melody composed by Agapkin in Tambov in autumn in 1912) fill the Privokzalnaya Ploshchad of Tambov railway station. Every day the trains leave for Moscow and arrive to Tambov to the exciting sounds of the marching music.   

1, Privokzalnaya Ploshchad, Tambov
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