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Cherry Garden

The town of Uvarovo has long been associated with a cherry tree. Old legends tell about wild thickets of cherry trees that once surrounded the town. Uvarovo coat of arms is decorated with ripe fruits. Besides, Vishnevarovo cherry festival is held here.

The foundation of the cherry public garden in town turned out to be a continuation of the “legend”. The garden visitors are greeted by an art-object, “The Lady with Cherry and an Admirer”. The construction is hand-made and is lit in the night time. The sculptures are 2 m tall.    

There is a cherry tree installed in the center of the garden – the true symbol of the town. The tree is a metal construction made of pipes of different diameter with artistic elements. It is over 5 m tall with more than a hundred leaves and 80 ripe cherries “growing” on its branches.

The unique art-objects were designed in Orenburg according to specially-developed sketches.

There are benches and flowerbeds in the public garden too. 

Cherry Garden, Shosseynaya Str., Uvarovo, Tambov region
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