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The merchants Tolmachyovs’ estate

The former estate of merchants Alexander and Stepan Tolmachyov included a two-storey red-brick house and one-storey trading house that is still well-preserved.

The first floor of the large building was occupied by the store while the second floor had the living accommodation and offices. Today the building has lost most of its architecture. For many years it had been used as the town hall of records. The one-storey brick store has also remained. Number 1837 above the entrance to the store stands for the year when the Tolamchyovs‘ trading company was founded. Although the building itself was built much later.    

The bakery was added to the store by the yard side in the end of the 19th century. The bakery produced rye and white bread. The bakery and confectionary produced by the Tolmachyovs was famous far beyond Tambov.

The range of goods int he Tolmachyovs‘ store was quite wide before the revolution. Here one could buy rye bread, French buns, various cakes for 3 kopecks each. The delicious “cushion” candies with various fruit fillings for 25 kopecks per a pound were sold here.      

The store had been maintaining its prerevolutionary interior design until the las quarter of the 20th century. The beauty of the stucco ceiling was amazing. The elements of the stucco mouldings in the shapes of interwining fruits were painted in colors. It was difficult not to admire such beauty.    

This trading house reopened its doors after the major overhaul in 1980 as “Skazka” café and store. The interior design of the store was changed completely – the moulding ceiling was replaced by the mirror one. The monument to Tambov treasurer’s wife was installed right in front of the building.

13, Kommunalnaya Street, Tambov, Tambov region
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