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Kondoidi’s mansion

This is nobleman Grigori Kondoidi’s house, a former town council and a monument of architecture and history.   

The twp-storey brick building in Renascence style with the elements of baroque used to accommodate the town council. Before that it belonged to Grigori Vladimirovich Kondoidi, Tambov marshal of the nobility, the active state councilor, the member of the committee for the local government reform in St. Petersburg. His ancestors came from Corfu Island in the Mediterranean Sea.     

Due to the abolishon of serfdom, the local authorities faced some difficulties with the accommodation of various offices. Kondoidi kindly agreed to help and offered the town council his own mansion. After the reconstruction of the rooms it got the look that it’s having now.    

The building exterior design has multiple small details that make it look solemn and pompous. Interesting are the decorative pieces above the windows of the second floor, the balcony leading to the grand hall decorated with a number of stucco mouldings on the walls and ceiling. The wonderfully-finished and well-preserved doors and marble stairs leading to the second floor give the mansion its smart appearance.     

The wings attached later to the southern and eastern sides of the house were used by a town bank and a college for women. The main building was occupied by the mayor, town duma and council. The two-storey stone pawnshop was added in 1914.   

During the events of 1917-1918 the main building housed a stronghold of counter-revolution headed by socialist revolutionaries, Mensheviks and officers. On the night of January, 30th-31st, 1918, the labour battalion attacked the building and proclaimed the Soviet government in town.   

Later it was used for the needs of the town council, district court, cooperative society union, since the 1930s – for the party city committee and city executive committee, since 1992 – Tambov town hall. The attached wings were occupied by various financial and state organizations. At present, the building includes the offices of Tambov administration. 

6, Kommunalnaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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