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Тамбовская область
Bulgakov’s estate

After being appointed as Tambov governor in 1843, Bulgakov had a mansion built in Dvoryanskaya Street. The manor house included two outhouses in late eclectism and early art nouveau. People called the mansion “Bulgakov’s house”. The estate on a high bank of the Tsna River consisted of two residential buildings, outhouses and an orchard.    

Many visitors adminestering various government and other duties were frequent guests at this house. With the governor’s support secular and church constructions were being built in town – stone stores were being built in Bazarnaya Square, as well as New Intercession church. Roads, sidewalks and bridges were also being put in order. The governor also patronized the development of orphan houses and Seraphim school.

In 1923, the main building of the nationalized mansion was used to house the office of “Bread products” and the grinding subdivision of Provincial Food committee. In 1929 they were replaced by a forest school and children’s library after. In 1970-1990 the house had been occupied by Yablonka kindergarten and in recent years – by Tambov customs office.

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