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Тамбовская область
Nosov Technical school

Building №9 in Kommunalnaya Street is a complex of three buildings. The building is remarkable in a way that it is related to Andrey Nosov, the prominent Maecenas who spent more than 4 000 000 rubles on charity. 

In the 19th century this building was used to accommodate model trade workshops and later, in 1911, - the four-class technical secondary school named after A.M. Nosov and supported with the finances of the merchant of the top guild. 

One of the three buildings had the inspector’s apartment and students’ bedrooms. The second building included the superintendent’s apartment and classrooms. The third building was utilized for the needs of joiner’s and locksmith’s shops.   

Just around the corner, in modern Karl Marx Street there was a boiler, blacksmith’s and foundry workshops. 12-13-year-old boys were admitted to the school to study various trades and to be educated in the religious environment. After the revolution there was a professional engineering school, trade school, a factory here. Today the building is occupied by the offices. 

9, Kommunalnaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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