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Tambov Arbat

Tambov citizens gave Kommunalnaya Street a loving name “Tambov Arbat”. One will find many buildings of the beginning of the 20th century though most of them house local cafes and shops. One of the best houses in Kommunalnaya Street is house №6 – Tambov administration office. Back in the days, this house belonged to Tambov marshal of the nobility Grigory Kondoidi. House 9 in Kommunalnaya Street is a preserved complex of the 19th century buildings, former model workshops. The complex includes one- and two-storey buildings with easily recognized utility service rooms, living spaces and classrooms.        

The merchants Tolmachyovs’ former mansion is a real eye-catcher (13, Kommunalnaya Str.). It is a two-storey stone house with an attic and a single-storey store with distinct 1837 labeled above the entrance – it is the year when the Tolmachyovs’ trading house was founded. The house itself was built in the end of the 19th century. Today the former trade house is used as a candy store and cafeteria. The opposite building (19, Kommunalnaya Str.) belonged to the Tolmachyovs’ as well. The ground floor in classic style decorated with half-columns and symmetrical designs was used as Alfred Lan’s pharmacy. The pharmacy used to sell medications, chemical agents, photo goods, perfumes, mineral water and gift cards with Tambov landscapes. Just like a century ago, this building today is still a pharmacy.         

One of Tambov most controversial monuments is erected in Kommunalnaya Street – the monument to Tambov treasurer’s wife.

Kommunalnaya Street, Tambov
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