Sosnovka Hills (Sosnovsky Bugry)

It is an amazing man-made monument of nature. The hills represent the high (up to 40 m) slope of the Sosnovochka River jagged by ravines.  

In the 60s-70s of the 20th century, the hills were an experimental platform for the fight against soil erosion. This is how the man-made forest emerged on the bald hills covered at that time only by sparse pine trees. Scientists from other regions of the country traveled here to study the know-how of Tambov foresters. The workshops were organized right on the hills among the pines that justified the name of the settlement – Sosnovka (in Russian “sosna” means “a pine”). 

Some forest cultures were planted in one of the plantations of Sosnovka hills in 2013. The saplings of common oak were planted in memory of Victor Yurin – the reputed forester and former director of Chelnavsky forestry. Today the young oak-wood rustles with its leaves. Another memorial planting was arranged in honor of Vyacheslav Khudyakov, the honored forester. More oak plantations appeared on Sosnovka Hills in 2013 in memory of Victor Sitnikov who made a great contribution into the development and preservation of Sosnovka forests. 

Save for pines and oaks, the hills also boast larch and birch trees. The vegetation is dominated by various steppe herbs such as fescue grass, meadow grass, narrow-leaved bluegrass, thyme, and Saint-John's-wort. You can spot fossils of ancient underwater inhabitants on the stony areas of the hills: mollusks, sea urchins, etc.

By the way, the hills offer a breathtaking view. Sosnovka village from a bird’s eye view – it is a go-to for those looking for a place to admire the sunsets and snap beautiful photos.

Sosnovka work settlement, Sosnovka district, Tambov region
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