“The Revealed Well” Spring

“The Revealed Well” spring was consecrated in honor of the Prophet John the Forerunner or the Baptist. The spring is found near Vyazovoye village where it is surrounded by well-groomed premises, a chapel, and an indoor pool and a baptismal font.

The spring received its name after the church of John the Forerunner located in the neighboring village Vyazovoye. Over two centuries ago there was a post road running here and passing-by travelers used to quench their thirst with the well water.       

Several legends mention the well. One of them says that the well allegedly appeared as a result of a thunderbolt. It happened on the holiday of Birth of John the Baptist. Another legend narrates about a woman who saw the face of the Mother of God in it and that’s why it was called the revealed. At present, some people call it “the revealed spring”, others – “the thunder well”.

Zherdevka district, Tambov region
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