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The Chelnovaya River

The Chelnovaya river is the left tributary of the Tsna. It originates in the gully near Neznanovka village, Tambov region, and then flows across Sosnovka and Morshansk districts. The river is over 120 km long. The Chelnovaya is a twisting river that carries its waters from the south to the north and makes an abrupt turn to the east near Sosnovka work settlement.

There are several theories of the origin of the river name. According to one of them, the river got its name from the word “cheln” which Slavs used to call boats. According to another theory, the Chelnovaya was named so after the type of vegetation growing in the river valley. “Cheln” is a small region of dry woods seen in low humid areas.  

The Chelnovaya river is a river of contrasts. The width of the water surface changes from several meers to 40-60 m in the river-mouth area. The right shore is steeper, divided by gullies and ravines and covered with forests; the left shore is sloping and cut with stream valleys and gullies.

The M-4 “Don” road bridge, railroad bridge in Selezni village, and Degtyanka-Novaya Sloboda road bridge in Sosnovka district pass across the Chelnovaya.

The river is rich in the asp, perch, roach, rudd, silver bream, burbot, bream, and pike.

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