Local forest

Local forest is a woodland stretching along the right bank of te Tsna River in the suburbs of Tambov. The forest is mainly comprised of pine trees of 120-160 years old.

The history of this forest is quite long. Sables, beavers, moose and even wild oxen used to be found here a few centuries ago when Tambov fortress was veing founded. Despite the impassability of these places already in the 17th century the forest land were under private property.

A shooting pavilion for clay pigeon and real pigeon shooting was arranged in the forest at the end of the 19th century. It was equipped with the latest technology – the cages with pigeons opened automatically and the was also a device for clay pigeon launchig.   

In 1916 the local forest became famous as the center of Tambov progress. Engineer Vladimir Shukhov who had developed Shabolovskaya tower built a hyperboloidal reservoir here. 

Mr Gerasimov, the owner of the first car in Tambov, also lived in Tambov local forest. He had receieved a license to drive his Delage limousine in 1912 and used it for taxi services.  

Tambov suburban area development started with the construction of summer cottages at the beginning of the 20th century. Today there are a lot of summer camps, sanatoriums, guest houses and recreation centres in the forest area. There are roadside cafes, hotels and areas for rest along the main routs.

The forest and water reservoirs like the Svyatovskoye Lake, the Gremyachenskoye and Chistoye Lakes as well as the major waterway – the Tsna River – are the favourite leisure sites of Tambov people.

The wooden monument to the Tambov Wolf is installed in the forest. It is the Tambov wolf that became popular all over Russia after “The Rumyantsev Case” (1956) movie. 

Local forest, Tambov region
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