Church of the Intercession in Olkhovka

Olkhovka village was growing rapidly in the 30s of the 20th century. The building of the small village church had grown into a dilapidated state and burnt down. The construction of a new church in neighboring Parevka village started in 1889 was taking long. 

Olkhovka villagers found out that there is an old church building in Vyshenka village (Kirsanov district). This building was bought with the funds of Olkhovka and Subchay parishioners and transported to Olkhovka. The transportation of the church was carried out in winter time and by cartage. The villagers all together contributed to the construction of the church which took nearly a year. On the holiday of the Meeting of the Lord (the Presentation), on January, 31, 1912, the church was consecrated in honor of the icon of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God.        

Today, the work of our ancestors awakes the feelings of admiration, amazement and pride in our hearts for their art and creativity. The church is located on the uphill and its arrangement is very precise. By its design the church of the Intercession is very similar to the descriptions of the monastic churches built according to the church-building charter by Bishop Theodosius in 1768-1775. The solid and beautiful construction was built of pine logs with the dovetail method. The church is joined by the log hexagonal altar and refectory. This small and cozy church of the Intercession with a tent-shaped dome and two-level bell tower is acknowledged as a monument of culture.

11, Pokrovskaya Str., Inzhavino district, Tambov region
+7 (915) 666-61-84
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