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The park of the Aseyevs’ estate

Aseyev park located on the premises of Aseyev estate museum complex is very popular among the Tambovians and Tambov visitors. The park includes birch, maple, larch, fir, elm, linden trees and various shrubs. The old oak trees are the center of attention in the park. While having a stroll along the park area and its walking paths, you will notice nice gazebos and benches to sit down and have some rest facing the stage area that hosts different concert programs. The wonderful multiphase cascade fountain opposite the main entrance to the mansion draws a visitor’s attention in no time. The fountain is crowned with the marble copy of Venus de’ Medici statue. 

In the center f the park there is a unique natural monument – the giant oak tree. The circumference of its trunk equals to five girths, its height – 28 m, and age – more than 215 years old. The oak tree has its own legend. It is believed that if a couple of newly-weds touch the long-lived tree, it will grant them a long and happy married life. Another legend says that in place of Aseyev park there used to be the sacred oak grove worshiped by the middle-Tsna Mordvins of Erzya tribe. The remainders of the grove gave the foundation for the estate park. 

22/1, Naberezhnaya Str., Tambov
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