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The monument to Vsevolod Bobrov

The outstanding Russian football and hockey player, trainer, threefold world champion, triple champion and twice winner of USSR Cup, Vsevolod Bobrov was born on December, 1st, 1922 in Morshansk. The monument to the great athlete was opened on December, 1st, 2005 in the center of Morshansk.      

The bronze monument made by the sculptor from St. Petersburgh, Viktor Onezhko, is 2 meters tall sportsman’s figure wearing his football uniform. The pedestal for the monument is a 15 ton granite boulder 1,7 meters high delivered from St. Petersburgh to Morshansk by special train. The famous football player frozen in bronze is about to kick the ball into the rival’s goal. Bobrov is sending the ball into the future to his followers who will always remember and admire his talent.             

Internatsionalnaya Str., Morshansk
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