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The monument to Valery Khalilov

There is a monument to military composer and conductor Valery Khalilov who died tragically in the airplane crush. It is installed in the shade of the old trees.

The monument to two more famous military composers – Vasily Agapkin and Ilya Shatrov – is located nearby. The monument is designed in the form of a full-size figure of Valery Khalilov. The total height of the sculpture is about 6  metres. The three-meter tall figure of Valery Khalilov is fixed to the granite pedestal decorated wtih fanfaronade. The conductor is holding his baton. It creates an illusion that the maestro is about to wave his baton and start tapping a rhythm. The author of the composition is Moscow sculptuor Alexander Mironov.    

The Tambov monument is the first monument installed in Russia in memory of Valery Khalilov. Its presence in Tambov is not by chance. Valery Mikhailovich used to call Tambov “the Mecca of military brass music” because it is the place where two music masterpieces had been created – “Farewell of Slavianka” and “On the hills of Manchuria“.      

The composer was a good friend of Tambov land. He used to be in charge of the International Brass Band Festival and a good friend of the Governor's Brass Band. More than once they performed together on one stage. Valery Khalilov was one of the initiators of Agapov and Shatrov monument installation in Tambov. He was even present at the opening ceremony.

Internatsionalnaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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