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The Monument to Tambov Treasurer’s Wife

The poet’s creative work is closely connected with Tambov. He got acquainted with many Tambovians though there is no evidence that Lermontov actually visited the town.    

The legends about Lermontov’s visit to Tambov have been passing on from one generation to another. According to one of them, M. Lermontov stayed in brothers Fyodor and Yury Protasievs‘ house while passing through Tambov on his way to his grandmother’s estate in Tarkhany. The brothers kept a card playing club in one of the most beautiful houses in town. Historians support the theory that Lermontov visited Tambov where he was introduced to the morals and manners of Tambov high society of those days. They say, it helped him to write his famous poem “The Tambov Treasurer’s Wife”.

The bronze monument to the character of Lermontov’s poem was installed for Tambov foundation anniversary. The author of the monument is Alexander Mironov who has also worked on the monuments to Shatrov and Agapkin in Tambov.   

People’s points of view on the monument to Avdotia Nikolayevna were different. Some people supported the idea of turning the poem character, that became one of Tambov symbols, into a monument. Others took it as tastless and vulgar. The interesting fact is that after having been pubished the poem itself also received ambiguous reviews: some readers were praising it while others even took it as an offensive piece.   

Kommunalnaya Str., Tambov
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