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The monument to Catherine II

Catherine II is considered to be the founder of Morshansk because her decree gave the village the status of a town.  

The portrait sculpture was made by Denis Stritovich. It is an exact copy of the work by Samuil Galberg, the academician of sculpture of St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, who granted his sculpture to Morshansk in 1879 for its 100th anniversary and that was considered one of the main attractions of the town. During Soviet years the monument was dismantled and almost a hundred years later, in 2018, the monument to the empress was brought back to its usual place.     

The original portrait sculpture saved after the dismantling in the postrevolutionary years is stored in Morshansk Historical Museum of Art as one of the exhibits.

The installation of the monument re-establsihed historical justice.

A. S. Pushkin Public Garden, Morshansk, Tambov region
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