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Nosov non-classical secondary school

Andrey Nosov was a prominent landowner, a merchant, an honorary citizen of the town and the most active philanthropist in Tambov of the second half of the 19th century.

Thanks to him the charity complex was organized in Tambov. It included the almshouse in four stone buildings, the church of St. Lazarus, a hospice and dosshouses, a hospital, an orphanage for boys and girls, a trade school and outbuildings. Almost all these buildings have been preserved until now and are still in use although with different purposes.     

At the beginning of the 1880s there was a lack of professional labor in Tambov. That is why it was decided to organize trade workshops to teach orphans whom the authorities couldn’t provide for. Andrey Nosov donated 40 000 rubles and 540 tenths of his land for this purpose. Later, these trade workshops were rearranged into the school that had been called Nosov school since 1889.   

The study course was 6 years and after completing it the graduates could work as locksmiths, turners, casters or carpenters.

A boarding school for orphan boys was built in 1889. Children of any class could live there until the age of 14 fully supported by the school and studying according to the curriculum of a parish school. In 1892 this institution was moved to the new building built by Nosov near the trade school where the boarding school students entered after finishing it.

Despite the benefactor’s death, the school continued functioning until 1917 supported by the money left by Andrey Nosov.

Today the corner building houses one of the buildings of College of Technology and Land Transport named after M.S. Solntsev.

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