St. Nicholas church in Alexandrovka

The church and parish appeared in Alexandrovka almost simultaneously – in 1885. It was a winter church made of stone. The money for the construction works was provided by Alexandra Redkina. The church had two altars: one altar – in honor of the Holy Trinity, the other one – in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God "Consolation of All Who Sorrow". The church in Old Russian style on a high socle is topped with an octagonal belfry and a decorative onion dome. Its design also includes semi-columns, corbel arcs, and brickwork patterns.        

Under the Soviet power, the church suffered the same fate as most other Tambov churches. In 1936, the church property was looted and burnt with an exception of a small part saved by local parishioners. The bells were removed in 1941. In August 1936, the church was transformed into a grain collection center that had been operating until 1992 when it was completely abandoned.  

The first akathist after long years of oblivion was finally read on 21 November 2007. Today, the destroyed parts of the church are currently under reconstruction. The onion domes and crosses have been fixed so far.

Alexandrovka village, Nikiforovsky district, Tambov region
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