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Museum of Tambov Railroad Car Repair Plant

Probably, everyone had a childhood dream of having a toy railroad and played it at least once. Museum of Tambov Railroad Car Repair Plant will help you to bring your childhood dreams back and make them come true. And, of course, you will get to know about the history of the first car repair workshops in Tambov, about interesting events and little-known details.

The history of the car-repair plant of Tambov Order of the Red Banner of Labor started at the turn of the XIX century when Russia was experiencing rapid industrial growth. Active construction and development of the railroads increased the demand for railroad cars and workshops to repair them at.

The opening ceremony of Tambov railroad car workshops took place on 4 November 1899 and turned out to be a major event in provincial Tambov.    

The museum of the plant mirrors the history of this country, the chain of events and metamorphoses that took place in the country and society. V.I. Agapkin worked as a conductor in the society of useful entertainment organized at the workshops at the beginning of the last century.   

When entering the museum you will notice the photographs of M.Katin and I. Kuznetsov who shot vice-governor N.E. Bogdanovich in 1905. Katin was a car repair shop worker which was one of the major enterprises in Tambov before the revolution.

During the years of Soviet five-year plans, the plant was the place of active growth of the Stakhanovists, the foremost people in the industry. During the times of the Great Patriotic War, the plant produced armored trains and bath-and-laundry cars, snow-plows and special cars for antiaircraft guns that made all the way to the front line.

Today the plant is busy developing some upgraded second-class sleeping cars.

The museum collection includes official documents and photographs, instruments, models and many more.

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