Michurinsk Science Museum of Achievements

A small house on the grounds of the main nursery is the first to welcome visitors of Michurin House-museum. This is the reason why the house is often mistaken for the great breeder’s residence.  

The two-story wooden house appeared here in 1952. Since its construction and until 1957, it was inhabited by Ivan Michurin’s student, the famous scientist, the academician of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Pavel Yakovlev. Today the building accommodates Museum of Achievements of the academic institutions created on I.V. Michurin’s initiative.

After Pavel Yakovlev’s death, it was his son’s family who lived in the house. Later on, the house was used as an office of the main nursery and a laboratory. In the 90s, the families of CGL (Central genetic laboratory) moved into the house.    

In 2004, it was decided to recreate the original look of the house. In the same year, a decision was made to open a museum in this building. There are three exhibition halls in it. The first hall introduces new expositions devoted to Ivan Michurin; the second one centers around his students’ lives and achievements; the third hall informs about contemporary achievements of the science city of Michurinsk. Among the museum inhibits are S.Chernenko’s, V.Budagovsky’s and P.Yakovlev’s personal items: documents and photographs donated to the museum by the scientists’ relatives.

The main nursery, Michurinsk, Tambov region
+7 (47545) 5-31-78
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