Morshansk Museum of History and Art

Morshansk museum of history and art is considered to be one of the richest district museums in Russia. After the revolution, some part of the property from the noble estates was turned over to Folk Museum of History and Archeology founded on 13 April 1918 on Pyotr Ivanov’s initiative.

In 1935, the museum was renamed into the one of local history. It was housed in one of the best buildings in town – the monument of architecture of the 19th century that was previously owned by The Kaverin brothers trading company. In 1993, the museum changed its status for that one of History and Art. 

The museum has over 35 000 items including numerous collections of pieces found on the territory of Morshansk district. The collections consist of sumptuous archeological monuments and ethnographic data, unique objects of Russian antiquity of the XVI-XVII centuries, wonderful samples of works of art.

The museum collection boasts more than a thousand authentic works of Russian masters, such as A.K. Savrasov, A.P. Bogolyubov, N.N. Dubovsky, Y.Y. Klever, K.Zoryanko, sculptor E.A. Lancere, graphic artists A.O. Orlovsky, V.I. Gau, as well as French, German, Dutch and Italian paintings and graphic works dating to XVIII-XIX centuries, spellbinding objects made of faience, majolica, crystal glass, bone, bronze, rare books, numismatics, furniture, etc.    

The museum possesses the second largest in Russia collection of Old Russian wooden sculpture which has over 70 pieces of art dating to the XVII-XVIII centuries.

The museum building is currently under reconstruction. A part of exhibits is displayed in other museums of the region.

25, Sovetskaya Str., Morshansk, Tambov region
+7 (47533) 4-36-62
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