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St. Michael the Archangel church in Mordovo

The first church appeared in the village in the 30s of the 19th century. The new stone St. Michael the Archangel church was built in 1909. By its size and capacity it is the third after the Holy Trinity cathedral in Morshansk and Bogolyubsky cathedral in Michurinsk. This three-nave church, designed in Russian style, with five tent-shaped domes and three-level bell tower is an acknowledged attraction of Tambov land.      

The interior decor of the church was designed by Moscow artist, Mikhail Dikarev. However, the paintings on the walls were not completed because of the beginning of the World War I. In 1890, the only in Tambov diocese four-level iconostasis was installed in Mordovo church. The iconostasis was made at the imperial porcelain works in St. Petersburg and delivered from New Jerusalem monastery near Moscow. The iconostasis combines seemlessly the elements of baroque, classicism and Russian architechture and represents a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The church used to have three altars: in honor of St. Michae the Archangel (the main altar), the holy martyrs Florus and Laurus and Smolensk icon of the Mother of God. The church has a amazing acoustics.

During the 1920s the church held its divine services. However, in autumn, 1937, all clergymen were arrested and four of them – shot: priests Sergey Orlov and Vasily Saburov, deacon Arseny Frolov and psalmist Fyodor Nikolsky. In 1939, the church was closed and used as a barn. During the years of the World War II the building housed a military hospital. Only in 1945, thanks to the efforts of the believers and holy Archbishop of Tambov and Michurinsk Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky), the church was given back to the believers.      

After St. Michael the Archangel church was returned to the parish, its two side altars were consecrated in honor of Great Martyrs Florus and Laurus as well as in honor of St. Pitirim of Tambov. By the the millenary of the Baptism of Rus the church had been reconstructed. The colored glass cover of the church windows was restored. The hallowed objects of the church are the Iverskaya and Pochaevskaya icons of the Mother of God donated by elderly ascetic Antonia (Ovechkina), as well as a fragment of the bell with six-winged Seraphim depicted on it. There is one amazing story behind this fragment. During the church persecution the bells were thrown down from St. Michael the Archangel church in Mordovo. Upon hitting the ground, the bells broke into pieces. One boy running around the church picked up a fragment with an image of Seraphim and took it home. In fear of any possible troubles, his mother wrapped the fragment in rags and hid into the chest. The Waorld War II started in a few years after that and the grown up boy was called up to the front. In one of the battles he got wounded deadly. Having survived clinical death, the young man told how he had stood in front of God who told him that he would live because he had saved the Angel before. Indeed, the deadly-wounded soldier survuved through the horrible war and lived to a great age. He treasured the bell fragment as something holy all his life. Shortly before his death this man bequeathed to his relatives to return “the Angel” to the church in Mordovo. The will of the deceased was fulfilled and now, after decades, the fragment of the bell with an image of Seraphim is kept in St. Michael the Archangel church.

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