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Michurinsk museum of local history

The museum is located in a two-storey stone mansion with the elements of architectural decor typical for the 19th century. In Soviet times the building was used as an office for The House of Political Education. At first in 1919 the museum was focused on natural sciences. The exhibits from the science rooms of Koslov gymnasium were brought here. Some stuffed animals were handmade by the museum staff. Step by step, museum stock was enlarged. The museum engaged in search and ethnographic works. At present, there are three sections in the museum: historical, art and nature. The most interesting sections describe the history of Koslov – from the foundation of the fortress to the October Revolution. The art collection of the museum is not very extensive but worthy of special attention. It includes one Kustodiev’s canvas, Gerasimov’s works and some paintings by less famous but interesting local artists. 

The museum pays special attention to the exposition devoted to Michurinsk as a science city. The exposition is constantly being renewed. It includes photos and documents about the research institutions and leading scientists in the field of gardening. 
The nature section presents a zoological collection that gives a visitor an idea of the animal world of Tambov region and its protection. A visitor will enjoy various fauna of Tambov region with its special local features, geographical and biological patterns, the correlation of the laws of nature and natural processes. 

Today the museum is the oldest institution that preserves Michurinsk historical artifacts. The number of the exhibits in the main collection is about 14 000 pieces. The museum keeps expanding its collections with new documents, artefacts and art pieces.

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