“Michurin’s grave” memorial

Michurin wanted to be buried in his own country estate next to his house. However, because of the flood water washing out the ground in spring, it was decided to bury him on the premises of the collection garden of Michurinsk state agriculture university. 

Initially the grave looked like a mound decorated with flowers and wooden fence around it. An architect made a project of the grave design in 1950. Today the burial place has a portal in the shape of collonnade made of gray granite and incuding two pillars placed on the granite platform. The grave is in the center of the memorial.      

At the end of the gravestone there is a square stele made of pink polished labradorite on the granite base. The stele is crowned with Michurin bas-relief with the engraved words saying: “We cannot wait for favors from nature, it is our task to take them from her”. On the western side Michurin memorial ends with a semicircular balustrade.     

The design depicted on the gravestone is symbolic. It is a bronze apple tree branch with fruits – a symbol of many years of Michurin’s work, while a palm tree branch symbolizes the national acknowledgment. The author of the bas-relief is sculptor Maniser. The whole memmorial was created unde architect Donskikh’s project.

Internatsionalnaya Str., Michurinsk, Tambov region
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